NEW BALANCE popular in the recent trend of the sector, I believe that everybody has a magazine editor, a fashion blogger repeatedly referred to the extent of nearly a mouthful of breath, and even the recently opened HOODS BEIJING, WTAPS for Mr. Nishiyama also often give up on weekdays the use of boots style, a change in the image of the popular model with New Balance M998 debut. Sp cheap foamposites eaking of M998, the printing of the evaluation is a rave, whether ABZORB highly comfortable cushioning system, or have a more detailed outline of the avant-garde taste, may be the reason for the influx of people in the eyes of purchase. Recently, however, New Balance is constantly win the release of a number of new color version of the new popular models, like the earlier exposure o cheap jordans for sale f M998GR, recently login New York boutiques random after KITH been swept away, the friends you want to start even a close watch the sale of other retailers, or final price can only afford the high fry it. Source: KITH & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;today bring black and white color more clear picture, Jordan Lab style shoe, collocation of white midsole and ou cheap jordan shoes for men tsole blue crystal. Number 677690-012, no specific release the beginning of this year, the national assessment of asset evaluation company authoritative -- Beijing northern Yashi assets limited liability company to "show MLS asset evaluation report" by the M.L.S.: brand value reached 2 billion 168 million yuan. As the domestic high-end casual shoes Linsen well-known enterp cheap jordans online rises, the brand value of 2 billion yuan breakthrough, not only is a qualitative leap in Linsen the scale of enterprise, at the same time proves once again entered a fierce competition in the market era, when product homogeneity trend is more obvious, adhere to the road of personality differences M.L.S. achieved great success. personalized marketing approach in Fujian domestic s cheap jordans for sale mens ports shoes began to appear after different brands of homogenization phenomenon, casual shoes in the field of homogenization phenomenon has begun to highlight. How to keep the market advantage in the trend of homogenization? Many Fujian shoes enterprises are facing severe problems, how to break through in the homogenization, Mu Linsen for domestic brands have provided successful exp Retro jordans for sale erience. The rise of Linsen is undoubtedly relying on the Quanzhou is richly endowed by nature, as everyone knows, the footwear industry in Quanzhou is the main pillar industry, according to incomplete statistics, Quanzhou city has a total of more than 3000 shoe-making enterprises, the annual output value of 10 million yuan more than more than 1000 companies, employing about 50000 Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 0 people. From early OEM for foreign brands, and from small private processing started, to gradually recognize the value of its own brands, and turn to build their own brands. After ten years of development, Quanzhou footwear industry has made great progress, and has formed its own industrial advantages superior. In the shoe manufacturing industry, developed as "Linsen", "Fuguiniao" Retro jordans for sale and "mengshida" such a familiar ring for the brand, to become worthy of the name "Chinese shoes". because of international clothing tends to "leisure" and "comfort", many people like the simple casual dress, fashion leisure has become synonymous with global fashion. The international leisure clothing and footwear market is in a period of rapid development, and it is also in the s Cheap air jordans for sale tage of rapid growth. The regional characteristics are particularly evident. Objectively speaking, the domestic casual shoes while also starting with domestic sports shoes, but because of the scale of capital and marketing environment limitations, there is no form of climate, until after 2000, in its international brands such as ECCO, and Hush Puppies under the guidance of domestic Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping leisure shoes from dress shoes in his own talent shows itself in the marketplace, and gradually development and growth. Casual leather shoes are different from sports shoes or formal leather shoes. "Fashion" and "comfort" are the key to the market for casual leather shoes. brilliant chapter: 7 years to create history, Create 1998 Linsen Shishi in Fujian, in a short period of 7 years, annual sales jumped from hundreds of thousands of dollars to billions of dollars today, become Chinese leisure shoes industry leading enterprises in a short period of time, to achieve a high starting point, leaping development. Our impressive performance let both inside and outside the industry, to sit up and take notice rawlinson. While the rapid growth of our secret? "We did it because we did."Time: 2008-04-15 08:54 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association: click on the Mexico "news" reports quoted Mexico financier Bureau of statistics, the U. S. recession, in January 2008, Mexico manufacturing employment fell by 0.2%, its worst affected is the handicraft industry and the textile industry fell 8.1% and 4.5%; performance of mining and metal industry is strong, the employment population grew by 3.4% and 2% respectively. January this year, ink do not know if you have not received such a message today, Jordan Air 12 "Blue French" China will be released in April 2 Japan on Saturday. I believe this is a good news for a friend who likes a pair of sneakers. I hope everyone can get the shoes at a very reasonable price.